What do you call a doctor who graduated last in his class?

Still “doctor.”

Government occupational licensing including of medical doctors is a bizarre and anti-social form of one-size-fits-all quality control.

For the modern leftists, the great march of human history, the motion of progress in the enormous variety of types of affairs of men, the unfolding or unrolling of providence have ineluctably led to…


anti-discrimination legislation for… homosexuals.

What a glorious achievement.

Even one Biblical chapter like Mt 7 is sufficient to demonstrate the extent to which Jesus teaches with authority.

He is no Socrates who points out how little he knows and affirms and whose contribution lies in proving that others know even less by finding contradictions in their views.

Democracy, Jason Brennan suggests, is rule by an ignorant and ideology-less mob.

“We don’t have to worry about forcing our vision of the truth onto [the citizens’] differing worldviews, because they don’t have worldviews. … [They are] agnostic know-nothing, opine-nothing Hobbits…”

I agree that the great majority of people have no idea how to set up the legal environment most suitable for social cooperation and creation of wealth.

They’ve delegated the task of fashioning laws to the “experts.”

They have, to quote Mises, “voluntarily surrendered their birthright to a self-appointed elite of supermen.”

The religious view of morality as divine commands is defective, because it postulates a direct link between God and morality rather than the correct indirect link God → nature → morality;

the areligious view is wanting, because it refuses to admit the validity of the proofs of God’s existence by our reason from our apprehension of nature.

The global climate change problem, assuming there is something to is, is completely unsolvable and intractable.

It is no more possible for us to improve the climate as to prevent earthquakes and tsunamis.

Climate change cannot be prevented by any reasonable sacrifice in the speed of our economic improvement.

I dismiss mad schemes like destruction of humanity outright.

Hence, we should completely ignore this issue as being beyond human powers significantly to affect.

“The whole concept of high-rise living was part of a socialist utopia, a world in which private properties with gardens were to be minimized and collective living in the sky was to flourish,” says Philip Booth.

I agree: residential high-rises are inhuman.

Like me, Jesus was a half-Jew.

(Fully human, but half-Jewish on His mother’s side.)

Cops shouldn’t be out there looking for trouble. They tend to find and even create trouble where none exists.

They should be inside shops eating donuts.

Credit expansion by fractional-reserve banks according to the Austrian business cycle theory = economic abortion.