A reflection on “Jews”:

owing to their high IQ, when Jews are good, they are very good;

when they are bad, they are awful.

Paul Gottfried makes an excellent point:

The war for civilization is almost entirely between groups of whites, in fact mostly white Christians. The white Left has drawn in other groups, but mostly as auxiliary forces.

The same battle would be going on, as it has been in much of Europe, if we were only dealing with white opponents. None of the multiculturalists I have known has been black…

What sense then is there in “white nationalism”? Do white alt-rightists want to form a nice harmonious nation, full of love and peace, with white leftists? Are the neo-Nazis and Antifa supposed to blissfully co-exist simply because both are white?

Alt-right has become fascist not because of its ideology, which barely exists other than as a set of random (though mostly justified) reactions against the left.

It’s fascist because it’s adopting the left’s methods:

  • the allegedly noble ends justify the means, however wicked;
  • you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs;
  • violent crime and lying are appropriate tactics;
  • yelling insults to people substitutes for argument; and so on.

Alt-right is yet another abortive anti-left movement. It has no chance of success, but it will do its share of damage before dying.

There is no such thing as correct libertarian strategy, because no libertarian strategy has ever worked. Ever.

Liberty + property is a lost cause and will remain that way in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, that means we have nowhere to go but up.

White people have done an exceptionally good job training blacks to hate whites.

Filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted: “Trump’s America: The last days of White rule. It’s always a bitch to have to give up power you’ve held for 300 years.”

Well, whose rule is to come after then? Who will obtain the power once white people have been dethroned?

Black people will rule? Michael Moore personally will rule? No one will rule, because anarcho-capitalism will be immediately established?

Can we have more details on the new social order after the coming Moorean revolution?

Jews who migrated to Israel did so precisely for the reason that they wanted to live among other Jews. It’s an explicit restrictive association.

America, on the other hand, is and always has been exceedingly diverse. It’s a fact of life.

Therefore, Jewish ethnic nationalism in Israel can succeed, while white nationalism in America is entirely futile.

If you are a white person, buy a house in a decent neighborhood and, to the extent the law allows, exclude undesirables from moving in.

I don’t see what more you can realistically do.

As Douglas Wilson points out, correctly, socialism is run by ideological socialists, while capitalism today is run by businessmen, i.e., people with capital or entrepreneurs, not by ideological capitalists.

It is this asymmetry that is directly responsible for our interventionist mixed economy, i.e., “crapitalism.”

“Firing Damore was too extreme and Google should have put him through training instead, said Aaron Ginn, co-founder of the Lincoln Network, a group of libertarian-leaning tech workers and investors.”

Right, they should’ve put him through the sort of Orwellian torture and brainwashing to make him love the Big Bro… Google.

I kind of understand why they fired him, though. I mean, he totally humiliated the bosses (and deservedly so). How could they tolerate such mutiny? They could either fire him or promote him to senior management. They decided to fire him.

Oh well.

How can I tell that a person is not lying about his alleged offended feelings? Perhaps he is pretending to be offended in order to get me to grovel for or even pay him money for forgiveness.

Maybe that’s how he gets off, by faking outrage in order to humiliate those he falsely accuses of oppressing him. For all I know, inside, he is completely cynical and enjoys taking this sort of advantage of non-psychopathic people.

We should seriously consider the possibility that the culture of official certified victimhood is for the most part a lie by the “victims” in order to get sympathy, attention, revenge, and gifts.