Ah, downtown, a place where blacks wander around, apparently randomly and aimlessly.

The inner city: created by merchants in grace, fell into ruin through the welfare state.

If there is “white privilege,” I am going to milk it for all it’s worth.

It is not an ethos of Christianity to render aid to those who are merely pretending to be helpless victims — who have of late proliferated in fantastic numbers — in order deviously to take advantage of the Christian’s compassion for their own selfish ends.

A challenge to anarcho-capitalism?

A.D. 1137. … When the traitors understood that [King Stephen] was a mild man, and soft, and good, and no justice executed, then did they all wonder. They had done him homage, and sworn oaths, but they no truth maintained.

They were all forsworn, and forgetful of their troth; for every rich man built his castles, which they held against him: and they filled the land full of castles. They cruelly oppressed the wretched men of the land with castle-works; and when the castles were made, they filled them with devils and evil men.

Then took they those whom they supposed to have any goods, both by night and by day, laboring men and women, and threw them into prison for their gold and silver, and inflicted on them unutterable tortures; for never were any martyrs so tortured as they were.

Remember that story, Thinner, by Stephen King?

It’s obvious that the gypsy who cursed the guy to grow thinner could become a billionaire in about a month, if he had the sense to offer his “cursing” services to the fat multitudes eager to lose weight for a price. The curse would be removed when the desired weight loss had taken place.

Seriously, can you just imagine the benefits this gypsy could provide to society? He’d be a world treasure!

Technologically, he could sit by a conveyor belt carrying a long line of people to him for a few hours per day, quickly touch each person and whisper “Thinner!” to him (or “Quit getting thinner”), and go on to the next customer.

There is no such thing as national security.

The people in Washington, DC do not secure any of your rights or life or property, only their own at your considerable expense.

As a libertarian, I regret the fact that intra-city roads and oceans are not (yet?) fully privatizable, that the state (or at least its executive branch) cannot be fully abolished, or that cities and local governments might not survive without taxes.

This case of weltschmerz does not entail, however, that liberty is not to be pushed as far as possible and in fact almost all the way everywhere — though no farther to where it is — unfortunately — unfeasible.

I’m not “fiscally conservative”; I think taxation is theft, and I want to destroy the state.

I’m not “socially liberal”; I would look with favor on bourgeois private civil society promptly repressing perverts and sickos of every kind.

Jesus is a night-watchman laissez-faire type Lord.

At least as long as you keep you human nature undefiled.

I’m sorry, I just can’t take seriously a philosopher who uses “she” as a general pronoun to refer to man or human beings.

It’s like these philosophers are afraid of the feminists. They got no self-respect. What pussies.