Who asks or forces homosexuals to become priests — deceitfully and contrary to the explicit policy of the Catholic Church?

Is there malicious intent? Do they get ordained with the sole purpose of discrediting Christianity?

The conservatives would conserve both good and evil alike; the left-liberals would destroy both evil and good alike.

Ah, Washington, DC: the city of blacks at night — the underworld; and the city of white politicians and bureaucrats in daylight — the overworld.

It turns out that the underworld and the overworld are not that different; both are populated by ruthless unscrupulous psychopaths; both are “worlds” without a conscience.

To use the language of myth, the underworld is the place of orc-beasts; the overworld, of the fallen ones, soulless servants to the demons.

I think I prefer the middle earth to either.

Politics in these United States:

Today, the socialists are beating up the fascists.

Tomorrow, the fascists are beating up the socialists.

Legal privileges to women in family courts deter men from entering relationships and marriage in particular in which they are so totally and unnaturally subjugated.

A few more of those, and marriage will cease to exist as a legal contract or covenant.

“Jesus answered him, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.'” (Mk 10:18)

The Incarnation is precisely the story of how God the Son became good.

Is there an explanation for the fact that Starving African Adults continue having Starving African Children?

I don’t believe that gold has any future as money.

First, there has not been any ideological progress in recent decades in the public’s understanding of the workings of unsound fiat money and dishonest fractional-reserve banking, nor in their appreciation of how pernicious both of these are.

Second, cryptocurrencies may be a superior technology to gold coins simply as money.

Third, cryptocurrencies may be able to become universal global money, destroying our current ugly fiat / credit money regime, even in the absence of any ideological improvement.