The essence of the state is embodied in the executive branch. Let’s personalize it for the sake of argument to a single person, the king.

Can the king alone loot the economy prudently at the maximum point on the Laffer curve? He would then spend the money on giant monuments to himself, pyramids, palaces, and so on. He would also equip armies and expand his dominion through military conquests.

The answer is no, because the people, upon recognizing the immense damage the king did, would immediately depose him.

As a result, the king needs to make alliances with key members of society. Among the masses, he picks lumpen-proletarians. Among the elites, crony capitalists.

He subverts the priests (less important these days) by sending them “faith-based” welfare.

And he buys intellectuals who defend his depredations in print. These are his costs of doing “business.”

He further tries to divide the productive classes and keep them fighting each other to prevent them from overthrowing him through a united action.

The king stays in power by falsely convincing the producers that being looted is for their own / the greater good.

To illustrate the ugly and wretched nature of conservatism, consider that Bernie Sanders, a fanatical interventionist / commie, has proposed a positive program called “Medicare for All.”

This is a disastrous plan. And conservatives are at this precise moment opposed to it.

But: (1) the conservatives themselves have proposed no positive reform of their own of the existing system which is woefully defective;

(2) if Sanders’ plan is in fact implemented, then conservatives will quickly come to consider it their holy duty to conserve his socialism.

It’s amazing that not even the prospect of losing political power after a period of entirely meaningless rule prompts the Republicans to offer up any libertarian reform of the status quo.

There may be a “class warfare” between the class of thieves and the class of honest men.

However, the class of private thieves is tiny, and the interests of its members are antagonistic with regard to each other. In a free society, there is no such thing as organized crime.

The thieves of which governments and their connected interest groups consist are vastly more numerous and dangerous. But they are sustained by lies that they are useful or even necessary to society.

Why don’t the people overthrow the federal government? I recommend it.

I’ll never forget how before the Second Gulf War, Yahoo! Travel called Iraq “the best place for shopping in the Middle East.”

Catholic Encyclopedia:

While Christianity thus asserted itself as the new Kingdom of God, the Jewish theocracy, guided by leaders unable “to know the signs of the times,” was hastening to its total destruction.

The Romans came, and in A.D. 70 put an end forever to the Jewish Temple, priesthood, sacrifices, and nation, whereby it should have become clear to the Jews that their national worship was rejected of God.

How would the religious Jews today respond to this assertion?

Neocons like Bolton are as disgusting as the leftists. Michael Rozeff describes their argument:

“The only way out of these traps for Bolton’s argument is to assert that the U.S. is the exceptional good guy with pure motives and that N. Korea is the clear bad guy with evil motives.”

Ah, another group of killers is claiming to be animated by “good intentions” while wreaking massive havoc and destruction.

Marriage is a pre-state, pre-Church, pre-Christianity, and even pre-capitalist institution. As the articles says, seeking a spouse is a “fundamental human right.”

There is grace that builds on nature, so the Catholic sacrament of Matrimony is useful; but the Church ought to recognize the validity of any marriage that is within natural law.

Hence, Edward Peters is entirely correct.

Maybe the savage Muslims would be less savage if the US government had abstained from murdering them for decades.

I mean, we must be so much more sophisticated than they. The state uses us as tax-serfs; in return, it allows us to offload responsibility for crimes against humanity onto the state.

The state buys guns with our tax money and kills in our names; we go about our lives as if we did nothing to give aid and comfort to the government killers.

And then we are shocked — shocked! — that blowback occurs.

The future society of millennials will come to its natural end when people will find it immoral, or simply forget because it will not occur to them, to discriminate between life and death.