Pro-gun liberty people can win every debate;

the fanatics of the left will continue to claim that they are the only ones with “good intentions.”

As Tom Woods writes, “As usual, if you disagree with them, you want children dead.”

An economy is stationary if it may feature change, but the standard of living of the public and state of capital accumulation stay about the same over time.

The Cuban economy is then stationary while being rigidly evenly rotating, i.e., in a perpetual unchanging 1950s-level state of equilibrium.

But the American economy, too, is progressing much slower than it can while being on the contrary exceedingly chaotic, because of our fiat money + fractional-reserve banking regime.

This is because credit expansion deceives a large number of entrepreneurs into investing into longer-term projects which cannot all succeed. The gross misallocation of the factors of production is revealed in the bust during its mass losses and collapse of numerous firms.

But a progressing economy is one in which profits outnumber losses. In the bust, the situation is reversed: losses far outnumber profits. There is impoverishment of the population. The bust is not to blame, of course; it’s only an inevitable consequence of the preceding vicious boom.

Endless economic growth is possible with 100% capitalistic sound money and honest banking.

“Studying” in government schools offers excellent preparation to young people for “living” in government prisons.

Says Bloomberg:

Hunger is hastening the ruin of Venezuelan’s oil industry as workers grow too weak and hungry for heavy labor.

With children dying of malnutrition and adults sifting garbage for table scraps, food has become more important than employment, and thousands are walking off the job.

Absenteeism and mass resignations mean few are left to produce the oil that keeps the tattered economy functioning.

Notice how slavery, when long ago a legitimate stage in overall economic development (together with autarkic total war before it, and feudalism and capitalism after it), never actually starved the slaves, since to do so would simply destroy valuable capital assets.

Socialism can’t even brag about simply keeping its slaves alive.

The awfulness of the business cycle initiated by the Fed and continued by commercial banks is that the fantastic hustle and bustle of the market ends up diminishing prosperity and at best is entirely masturbatory.

The interventionists and money printers have made us equivalent to Cuba, a country in which nothing new ever happens.

Socialism of the Cuban pattern is indeed complete stagnation, a stationary or even to a great extent evenly rotating economy.

But American capitalism, though wildly chaotic, too, fails to bear fruit of improvement.

And it’s all due to our perverse money and banking system.

If there is a nuclear war, I hope that the bomb will fall right onto my apartment building, so that I sort of evaporate instantly and not have to suffer a slow death from radiation and suchlike.

Taxation is theft on the one hand, and by virtue of taxing unequally and non-neutrally, also distorts the market and generates deadweight losses.

But government spending of the taxed funds has this second effect of disfiguring the production structure even more prominently, since it diverts scarce resources away from satisfying consumers and toward satisfying the politicians, bureaucrats, and their buddies in the “private sector.”

“Democratic socialism”:

What does it matter if the socialist firing squad is democratically elected or bureaucratically appointed?

“At a time when Mattis and his top generals have been complaining about the state of military readiness and lobbying Congress for more money, pulling equipment off line for a costly parade could send the wrong signal,” says WaPo.

Why does the Pentagram want more money? To summon still more powerful demons to tear the flesh off its enemies?