It’s un-American to tell people which consumer goods — such as indeed guns — they do or do not “need.”

Why do I need a cake? A book? A car? Because I enjoy them, that’s why. Your job is to ask, “What’s your poison?” and when answered “An AR-15,” speedily provide one to me for money. Don’t question my consumer sovereignty.

Individual freedom means the right to make your own consumption choices, be they the brand and type of chocolate or the type of a gun.

We should honor illegal drug dealers for risking their lives to bring a highly valued product to the people in defiance of a tyrannical government.

The right to self-defense is the most fundamental of all.

What use is free speech to you if you’re dead?

All successful projects and organizations with staying power are run by a highly competent elite.

Nothing worthwhile has ever come out of the “people.”

If Smith likes his guns more than his children, then that’s a reason in favor of letting him have guns, as this will satisfy Smith’s consumer desire and make him happier.

“Our freedom of the press, except for really precious things like pornography, has greatly diminished in the last hundred years, and especially in the last twenty.

“In 1892 you could say in public print that women are intellectually inferior to men, that blacks are morally inferior to whites, that poor people are lazier than middle class ones, that Shi’ite Moslems are ignorant murderous fanatics, and so on. You cannot say so now.

“Or if you do by some fluke manage to get something of that sort into print, you will need to revise your own and your family’s insurance policies, the terms of your employment contract, and your home security.”

— David Stove, Darwinian Fairytales

With Gina Haspel nominated for CIA chief, I guess it’s another glass ceiling (or floor, as the case may be) broken.

Feminists rejoice: soon, women will be committing as many violent crimes and government atrocities as men!