Much as I sympathize with managed-borders libertarianism, let us not forget that one of the greatest tyrannies of the Soviet Union was its many suffocating restrictions on travel and moving within the country;

and on the contrary one of the glories of the United States is complete absence of such restrictions.

In general, in the course of daily life, do you want to be served by private business or by government bureaucracies?

No third alternative is thinkable.

It seems on the one hand that government “leaks” are libertarian, because they inform us about alleged state secrets.

But some information really ought not to be leaked. Let’s say the FBI investigates Smith. In the process it uncovers a sizeable amount of information about Smith’s personal life that no one knows but that could, if made public, embarrass Smith greatly.

For example, the FBI finds out that Smith one time had sex with a pig. I really think it benefits all of us if the government keeps rather than tells Smith’s secret.

Any one of us could be Smith.

When government spending goes up but not quite to the extent the looters had wanted, in Washington-speak, that’s called a “cut.”

God be all like, pointing at a saintly person, “This here thing is a good creature. Because of it, I do not regret creating the world.”

The US government troops are not noble defenders of the people.

They are hired murderers of innocents for the alleged glory of the empire.

Bill Maher helped to build the very society in which he can be persecuted for saying “nigger.”

If he is upset that political correctness is humorless, he has only himself to blame.

Kathy Griffin should have said to Trump:

“When the capitalist revolution comes, you, along with your IRS agents and fractional-reserve bankers, will be the first to be beheaded.”

Ah, downtown, a place where blacks wander around, apparently randomly and aimlessly.

The inner city: created by merchants in grace, fell into ruin through the welfare state.