It is not the life’s purpose of libertarians to help Republican politicians win elections;

or perpetually to entertain false hopes that any such Republican will not, upon winning, utterly betray all of the few pro-market / peace / private property promises he made during his campaign.

If Jesus had encountered a woman who identified as a cat, would He have healed her, as He healed the demon-possessed man in Mk 5;

or would He have “respected” her “identity”?

I understand, everyone is a special snowflake. I am not against snowflakes. But must I suck each snowflake’s dick?

We have seen that “joining” a socialist society as a citizen requires abdication of one’s volition and reason. Only the chief dictator plans and acts; everyone else simply obeys like a machine.

But for intellectuals the perversions have only begun.

Marxism is a religion of self-deification, because every socialist intellectual insists that only his own central plan is correct; everyone else’s plan is counterfeit and vicious. There can be only one; every other contender for the socialist throne is to be liquidated.

Marxism, far from being universalist, is on the contrary limited to only one person: the winner in the final battle of would-be central planners for dominance. The entrance is open to precisely one “god” revealed thereby. It is true that anyone could join the mutual slaughter, but only one final absolute tyrant was going to prevail in the end.

So much for the allegedly “inclusive” or “universalist” creed.

And think about this: the Nazis practiced national socialism which by its essence was territorially limited.

Thus, you could run away from their rule, as Mises did, for example, by escaping from Austria into the United States.

But international socialists are far more ambitious. They want to rule the entire world. And once some especially ruthless socialist gains such power, there will be no escape.

Remember that the socialists have good intentions, which means that they know exactly what you need and are planning to give it to you good and hard.

Any opposition is by that very fact ill-intentioned and is to be crushed. In fact, socialism is just a better version of Christianity, and by the power of its collective holy charity, it is going to destroy the demonic forces of selfishness and “hatred.”

You will be assimilated into the “cosmic blob.” The left is on the right side of history. Any resistance is a futile, pathetic, and hateful reaction. Obey or die.

The socialist left is at least as criminal as the Nazis, but many people are under the mistaken impression that the left is superior because Antifa et al. have “good intentions.”

And we all know that once you obtain good intentions, your moral high ground is assured. You will do your evil lovingly. And that’s all that matters for unbreakable self-esteem.

In a sense, Tucker is right that Marxism was “a universalist creed that anyone could join.”

He is deluded, however, if he thinks that such joining did not require as a necessary condition perfect and mindless obedience to the Marxism-inspired “universal” socialist dictator.

This is exactly the history that the modern left, whom under Tucker’s leadership is (unsuccessfully) courting, is trying to repeat.

I think Tucker himself subconsciously realizes that he cannot escape the ultimate wrath of the left though, no matter how eagerly he denounces the Nazis.

He is aware that the “left-wing penchant [is that] anyone who disagrees with their policies is a bad person. End of story.”

According to the left, he, Tucker the libertarian, is as much a hater as a Nazi.

Jeff Tucker is so inclusive, he praises Marxism in comparison with Nazism, because it’s “a universalist creed that anyone could join.”

In other words, for Tucker, the international socialists were at least motivated by “good intentions,” while the national socialists were just “haters.” Which I guess partially absolves the socialist idea.

I mean, if you can’t come up with a false doctrine while desiring to help the workers and the peasants, what can you do?

White people are deeply messed up and are major sinners. They’ve mass murdered enough of “their own” people to fill another America.

That does not mean the non-whites are any better or should get away with falsely accusing whites of crimes they did not commit.

Jeff Tucker’s position was that the pre-Trump Democrat-Republican leftist “establishment” was sufficiently feckless, dispirited, and unambitious that it lacked the will to actively ruin the economy or engage in massive wars.

As a result, with time, technological progress would permit the economy to run away from the “regulators” who themselves no longer even believed in their allegedly indispensable mission.

The market would free itself thanks to the general apathy of the state. The political elites no longer had an ideology. They still wanted their loot, but they lacked any confession of faith.

In other words, they did not believe their own propaganda, even as they copiously issued it.

I am not as confident that this picture is accurate, but as I wrote earlier, the Trumpian “Republican revolution” is now dead. The establishment is back in charge, and we now have a chance to test Tucker’s theory.