Translation of Colbert’s “interview” with Tulsi Gabbard:

If “we” don’t engage in mass murders based on lies in “international conflicts,” then the Russians and Chinese will take over that role. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Well, first, not necessarily; second, let them. If they decide to do evil, let their crimes be on their conscience, not “ours.”

It’s just like saying, if my gang fails to control the drug trade in the area, then some other gang will. There is therefore nothing objectionable to the violence attending on drug trade.

If I don’t mug this well-dressed guy and take his money, then some other street thug surely will. Guess I’m good to go.

“The United States, however flawed, is a force for good in the world in my opinion,” Colbert finished. Does he mean in the sense that it is the least evil empire? Pathetic — and debatable.

For example, as a commercial republic that still is able to create wealth, the United States is indeed a “force for good in the world.”

As a ruthless and aggressive empire, it is definitely a force for evil.

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