Lew Rockwell notes perceptively that the left is morally absolutist:

For example, when it declares “transgender” persons to be the new oppressed class, everyone is expected to stand up and salute. Left-liberals do not argue that support for transgender people may be a good idea for some people but bad for others. That’s what they’d say if they were moral relativists. But they’re not, so they don’t.

Moral relativism went out of fashion as soon as the Universal Church of the Correct was built.

This church preaches the ruthlessly strict Law, and it has no Grace and no forgiveness. A single thought crime, and the priests banish you in the outer darkness as, say, a cursed “racist.”

The church is engaged in fanatical proselytizing, condemning heretics and seeking adherents everywhere. Every country must be converted.

I do not like it, but hey, that’s me, Ok?

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