Elizabeth Anderson in 1999 criticized her contemporary egalitarians for their weird concerns and asked, “What has happened to the concerns of the politically oppressed? What about inequalities of race, gender, class, and caste? Where are the victims of nationalist genocide, slavery, and ethnic subordination?”

When I hear talk like this, all I can think is the egalitarian saying, “I want to steal shit from you. Also, I am going to glorify the losers because they are losers, and punish the successful because they are successful. Finally, the people I designate as official victims will have a claim on you; they will be able to denounce you, hate you, and demand reparations for ‘injustices’; they will beat you and bleed you until you are dead.”

Official victimhood is a fake cynical battle for money, status, and power. It’s waged by means of lies and false accusations.

That’s not to say there are no victims. There are; all of them, however, are unofficial.

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