According to the alleged San Diego synagogue shooter John T. Earnest’s “manifesto,” which you can with a bit of effort find online, he identified his enemy, the “tyrannical and genocidal” Jews, “the most ugly, sinful, deceitful, cursed, and corrupt” of all races, and decided to cleanse the world from these impure.

It looks like we have another “well-intentioned” humanitarian with the guillotine, or racitarian with the rifle, as the case may be.

I personally think the guy is a fucking idiot.

But Jews have their own housecleaning to do. A monster like Bernie Sanders — who, if elected, will likely kill millions — is doing nothing to improve the Jews’ image in public opinion.

For example, Alan Dershowitz has recently been spotted on Republican shows defending Trump, a smart move, given the recent allegations that he is a sex fiend. He has gained sympathy among the conservatives — he may be a disgusting perv, but at least his ideology is not all bad, they think.

Jews need to radically revamp their politics. Learn from Mises, not Marx, folks.

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