Suppose a person argues: if we are to “control guns,” then take guns away from criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

The devil replies thus:

If a law is passed banning guns, then all “law-abiding citizens” will need to turn their guns in.

Those who refuse will instantly cease to be law-abiding and become criminals, thus deserving to be disarmed by force and imprisoned and even killed if they resist.

In any case, there are no law-abiding people in our land of a million laws. “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” said Beria, Stalin’s chief of secret police.

You’re all guilty of something already, hence precisely non-law-abiding, hence essentially outlaws who have avoided persecution only because you have managed to blend in with the crowd.

Your time will come though; or it will be your children’s.

In short, the absurdity of pleading with the me not to take your guns because you are “law-abiding” is evident to all.

Ah, we say: you are wrong, devil, because you’ve failed to make the distinction between natural and positive law.

It may be true that the government has outlawed everything, but it has done so unjustly. It is thus a tyrannical and wicked government.

But the vast majority of citizens, being non-violent and honest in everyday dealings, are perfectly innocent in the eyes of natural law. Very few commit genuinely unjust crimes of murder, robbery, or fraud.

It is also true that all the state — run by you, devil — knows is how to destroy. But it is not omnipotent, and we are all called to fight its evil.

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