When I was writing my books on Keynes, Rawls, and Cohen, I was imbued with an overpowering desire to crush these guys’ souls, to destroy them utterly, to grind them into dust. I hated these scumbags for the evil they unleashed upon our world and sought to decimate their every argument. I wanted to send these abominations to hell where they belonged so that truth and justice might prevail and the holy light would reign within this realm.

Burn, motherfuckers.

And yet I find myself disinclined so much as to play a competitive card game. Not because I fear losing or worry about my opponent’s “feelings” if he lost, that’s just dumb, it’s a fair fight, be sportsmanlike.

Indeed, I enjoy occasionally watching other people play various PvP games, like StarCraft 2.

But because such games require a desire to dominate another man pointlessly, for no noble purpose. I detest this kind of thing as contrary to charity. It’s not me. It feels like devolving my soul to some extent.

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