There was a video some time ago recorded by a gas station clerk.

A black guy was paying for his stuff when a white beggar came in through the door and started to spin a story about how he needed money for a ride because his car broke down, you know, the usual lies that beggars make up to make themselves appear more deserving of help.

If it were me, I might feel an obligation to give him something. I might try to escape, but I would also feel guilty. Don’t make eye contact and get out quickly.

But not the black guy. Here’s what he said to the beggar, turning slightly:

“Motherfucker, I don’t give a shit.”

I was struck by this. But that’s blacks. There is total lack of charity or even ability to empathize.

Black criminals are extreme manifestations of this psychopathic savagery. They don’t care about anyone’s rights or what anyone wants. They kill as if they were a natural disaster like plague. Worse, they enjoy the excitement of the crime. They kill for kicks, to prove that they’re tougher than you. They torture to revel in their power. They live without a conscience.

Of course, the same can be said about some white criminals. The point is that blacks are in general a degraded people because it is so difficult for them to love others.

It is this misbegotten race that is being glorified, unjustly, by idiot whites today. The irony is that this only corrupts blacks further. White people are driving blacks into hell.

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