Rectenwald proposes an intriguing theory of how wokism and statism are linked:

And what are the effects of being repeatedly reprimanded as such, of being told that one has been the beneficiary of unmerited “privilege,” that one’s relative wealth and well-being have come at the expense of oppressed, marginalized, and misused Others? Shame, guilt, remorse, unworthiness.

And what are the expected attitudinal and behavioral adjustments to be taken by the majority? They are to expect less.

Under woke ideology, one will be expected to forfeit one’s property rights, because even these rights, nay, especially these rights, have come at the expense of others. Thus, wokeness works by habituating the majority to the reduced expectations of the Great Reset…

If you don’t deserve prosperity because you’re an evil oppressor, perhaps the market which generates such prosperity is no longer a good thing. Indeed, perhaps justice demands that the market be destroyed to punish you. (Of course, this will harm the “victims,” too, but the victims are only a means to an end.)

I think this is exceedingly plausible and explains why wokism is espoused by all manner of government-connected “elites.”

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