The state punishes private property violators reluctantly. It doesn’t care.

What it does care about is challenges to its own power. It prosecutes any “crimes” against itself zealously.

This explains why the Jan 6 protestors are being destroyed, while the district attorneys in LA and NYC refuse to prosecute actual criminals.

As David Cole correctly argues, the “insurrectionists” were morons. They had no idea what they were doing. They hurt Trump and their own cause. Their “revolution” failed. If they had taken over the federal government, we might have had something here. Maybe they could have dissolved it and called for a constitutional convention. Would’ve been interesting at least.

At this point, the wrath of the state is upon them. We might sympathize with them were they prophets unjustly persecuted for telling truth to power. But they are idiots who got themselves in stupid trouble.

Might as well cut these guys loose.

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