This guy says, “If you’re going to bravely refuse a vaccine, please bravely fight pneumonia at home. The internet got you this far, don’t give up now!”

Is this a libertarian argument, as against the welfare state? This is an exciting development from the left. If you’re fat or diabetic or deficient in vitamin D, why should other people pay for your treatment? It’s your own fault that you ruined your health. But how does it follow that one should stay at home while sick? If he can pay for his own treatment, what’s the problem?

Why, further, limit the argument specifically to the COVID vaccines? If you’re against government welfare, you should certainly target much more than this little aspect of it. Advocate its complete abolition. Otherwise you’re being insincere.

Given that the welfare state is as pervasive as it is, grumbling just about the COVID vaccine refuseniks stealing your hard-earned money seems pointless. The government after all has “legal obligations.” Maybe they actually don’t since a thief has no legal right to stolen property, and so the state does not legitimately own anything. Still, encouraging the state to randomly refuse to honor some commitments while keeping all others seems unhelpful.

This leftist argument that claims to be libertarian gets its passion from the idea that the unvaxxed refuse to sacrifice for the “greater good.” They viciously refuse to cooperate. Having thus proven themselves immoral, they’ve put themselves outside society, they’re virtual outlaws or even some disgusting “impure.” Coercion against them is then justified.

But that’s an illusion. The present vaccines don’t even stop the spread, and even if they did, the vaxxed should not care because they are presumably protected (they are not). And there are definite social costs to getting vaccinated. If one dies or is injured from the vaccine’s “side effects,” are the vaxxed prepared to compensate him for the coerced “sacrifice”? And in any case, it is the job of other people to protect themselves from the virus, not my job not to infect them.

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