Nathanael Blake believes that “government intervention” “promotes virtue.” The only question is “how much intervention is necessary.”

Yes, because wars and militarism, mass surveillance, taxation, money printing, trade wars, a million pages of regulations, welfare all make people more courageous and prudent.

Government violence is redemptive, Blake holds. The state will save and uplift the wretched multitudes. Prison is the universal corrective for our character flaws.

For example, the “drug cartel violence” mentioned in the previous post is exactly the “virtue” that the conservative drug war has “promoted.” Do they care? No, they demand more of the same thing.

It’s a standard lie in the conservatives’ arsenal that libertarians are indifferent to intermediate institutions like “families, churches, and communities, which provide stability, a sense of belonging.” In fact, it is precisely the conservatives’ own policies and their welcoming of government destructionism that serve to wreck those very societies.

Statism makes people vicious. Conservative ideas thus fail and bring about effects opposite the naive conservatives’ own publicly stated aims.

But of course, privately conservatives do not have such aims. Exactly like their leftist counterparts, they seek power, and only power, for its own sake.

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