The order / chaos duality is more complex than it seems at first glace.

Now there are 4 archetypes, using the Keirsey’s temperament theory, Guardian, Idealist, Rational, and Artisan. There are also 2 quasi-temperaments in the lower form of humanity: Monster and Barely Human.

Chaos is divided into creative and ultimately divine yang belonging to highest Artisan temperament and destructive yin belonging to the lowest Monster. In some cases of course destruction is an aspect of creation and is good as a means to an end: think of the building demolition industry.

Order is “what is,” what exists now, the status quo. It is good by virtue of its unity or lack of inner contradictions, lest it falls apart from its own flaws. Unity belongs to the Idealist yang.

From below, this Idealist order is the Guardian yin: rigidity, monotonous even rotation, hard and frozen resistance to change, specifically to the creative yang. This would be an evil aspect of order, if it were not necessary to protect order from the destructive chaos. The Guardian archetype is therefore ambivalent and only 3rd from the bottom of the hierarchy out of 6.

From above, order is the Rational yin: that which supplies the content and substance of existence: the complex body that is Idealist-unified — the unity being merely a structure which would be valueless without the complexity and richness of its inner life.

I have now mentioned 5 out of 6 temperaments. What’s up with Barely Humans? They represent the demonic presence in this world seeking to deceive men. While Monsters exhibit the lowest possible destructive hatred, the wickedness of Barely Humans consists in their lies.

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