The essence of conservatism is not ineffectual and unenthusiastic defense of capitalism, civil society, the Church, or anything else.

It’s the desire to kill. Kill the foreigner, heretic, dissenter, anyone who goes his own way. Kill ruthlessly, relentlessly, and while taking great joy in the other’s suffering.

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Understanding the Conservatives

This fundamental drive of the conservative is subdued indeed by capitalism, civil society, and Christianity, but those things are a fragile facade.

The left wants to censor and suppress conservatives. Normally, this is unnecessary: conservatives are impotent and have nothing useful to say, in any case.

But as soon as the US president announces the next war, the censorship will prove futile: the hateful killers from the right will rise like a tsunami and bury the seemingly mighty leftist establishment. There will be no stopping them, and these guys won’t bother to claim any “good intentions.” Their only intention is twist the knife in your back while whispering “Die” to your face.

Inside every conservative is a serial killer waiting to get out.

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