In our ridiculous PC times, I remain unreconstructed and use “man,” “he,” and suchlike to refer to our species and its representative members. I do so for reasons of tradition, men’s honor, and, most important, because unlike my unfortunate contemporary philosophic brethren, I am not afraid of the feminists.

I know of a professor who once denounced his own use of the term “brotherhood of men” as politically incorrect, declaring that it was now proper to say “siblinghood of people” instead. He feared muscle-bound Amazons with spears making their way into his office and killing him for his thoughtcrimes.

Here’s the probable sequence of events in our future. First they tell you to use “she” instead of “he,” and you use “she.”

Then they tell you to suck cock, and you suck cock.

Finally they tell you to proclaim that 2 + 2 = 5, and you do just that.

For my part, I’m stopping the slippery slope before it starts.

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