If you want to understand the causes of DEI, or why white men are portrayed as weak and pathetic in entertainment, or why black criminals go free and white people who defend themselves against them are prosecuted, look no further than the official ideology of the Left: egalitarianism.

Take two men, A and B. There are two kinds of egalitarianism. One, old school, will acknowledge that A is superior to B and seek to equalize them. The other, newcomer, will insist that A is in fact equal to B, and the differences between them are due to “society” privileging A and oppressing B.

The first will attack supply and demand, the second will attack, e.g., as racist, the suppliers and the demanders. It is the second that fights what they call white supremacy, disparate impact, discrimination, and all that. But the first is hardly dead. The Left tells us that everyone is already equal, but they know that that’s false. You are unequal, indeed better than many others, and that is your sin. Your goodness is an affront to leftist decency.

So what’s happening today is that you are being leveled down, debased to the level of the dumbest, most savage lumpenproletarian black. You will not be allowed to flourish, grow, and improve; on the contrary, you will be humiliated, dominated, and destroyed in the name of equality.

It is important to reject this ideology in both its forms. It’s Ok to be genuinely superior, and just as Ok for society unequally to reward unequal contributions.

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