David Marcus advertises for Ocasio-Cortez:

She has “falsely” claimed, you see, that

AIPAC has paid politicians to ignore right and wrong and simply do what their Jewish benefactors demand.

This claim is absurd on its face and makes reference to centuries old claims that greedy Jews are subverting decent society with their big bags of shekels.

Well, of course Jews pay off politicians. Everyone does; that’s what the politicians are for — for sale. (And that’s a good thing — I, for one, like my Democrats less socialistic and more corrupt.)

But Jews are the smartest ethnic group on the face of the earth and therefore rich; they are clannish, ruthless, and therefore able and willing to buy congressmen. What’s “false” about that? Jews should be proud of their political savvy.

(Of course, Jews would not have anywhere near the influence they do have if the American Christians did not support them, but that’s another subject altogether.)

In fact, they should pay Omar and AOC to take their side. I imagine these girls are easily corruptible.

The second claim is that American Jews who support Israel are engaged in dual loyalty. That their real allegiance is not to the United States but to Israel and Judaism.

Many are not. Some are. Be smarter and learn to discriminate, David. Oh, and speak for yourself. You are trying to make Jews into pathetic victims again. You are an embarrassment, so keep your mouth shut.

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