Suppose a certain biological male Smith claims to be a woman.

First, why believe him? He may be lying.

Even if he is not lying, he may be deluded or insane.

Even if he “feels like” a woman, this is objectively unverifiable. Why should I care about his “feelings”?

Even if I do care, the “feelings” may be temporary; with proper medications and therapy, he may be cured.

Even if the feelings persist, there are many people living with various disabilities who do not insist that I “address” them by whatever title or pronoun they make up for themselves. Who are these alleged trans people to arrogantly tell me how to speak? I’ll “address” them however I feel like, and that’s all there is to it.

And even if I choose to “address” Smith as “she,” that does not mean that “she” qualifies for government civil privileges.

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