“Optimistic techno-futurism” is an absurdity and blasphemy.

It is obvious that advanced tech can be used for both good and evil, and with the state and statism again in ascendance, there is a huge danger that evil will triumph.

Mises wrote, for example:

Bourgeois civilization has built railroads and electric power plants, has invented explosives and airplanes, in order to create wealth.

Imperialism has placed the tools of peace in the service of destruction. With modern means it would be easy to wipe out humanity at one blow.

Now it is true that the government has failed to control and subvert the digital revolution in time. We lucked out. But it’s catching up. It could not suppress the Internet, etc.; so it is switching to plan B: using it to destroy people and society.

Mises again:

We have no knowledge whatever about the existence and operation of agencies which would bestow final victory in this clash on those ideologies whose application will secure the preservation and further intensification of societal bonds and the improvement of mankind’s material well-being.

Nothing suggests the belief that progress toward more satisfactory conditions is inevitable or a relapse into very unsatisfactory conditions impossible.

It’s true of course that God has the whole world in His hands, and that is a reason for optimism, but only in the longest possible term.

That fact need not have been any consolation to those, for example, killed by the Mongol Horde or the Black Death.

Of course, the state already has its horde of soldiers armed with demonic weapons; and if some plague does come back as a worldwide pandemic, then it, too, will very likely have been engineered by the US government.

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