There are three forces that can propel history forward: evolution, intelligent design, and special creation.

The error of evolutionists is to deny ID for the body and grace for the soul.

A point brilliantly noted by Dembski is that ID can be non-coercive, such as by determining or collapsing true randomness.

The error of creationists is the argument that many things just popped into existence fully formed, and that’s just not God’s modus operandi.

God’s respect for creatures is enormous. He wants to avoid imposing His notions on us. That’s why all humans start as single-cell organisms. We begin as almost nothing and make our own destiny. The same is true for the origins of species.

So special creation, I think, is limited mostly to the beginning of the universe and of life. On the other hand, evolution is woefully inadequate. So most of the specified complexity in the world is due to intelligent design.

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