The world faces many problems. There’s mass immigration into the U.S. and Europe, a terrible mistake which the native white populations will regret for a long time. There are wars all enabled by the U.S. empire that imagines that the entire universe belongs to it. There is the transgender movement which is peak irrationality. There is serious inflation in America. There is complete collapse of morals and much of faith. The Catholic Church seems to have lost its way. There is speech censorship by the evil military-industrial complex.

But all these problems are ideological. They exist because people have the wrong ideas in their heads. I, as a philosopher, find it within my power to fight some of these errors. Indeed, to me these enemies are an exciting challenge. I relish the spiritual combat into which I have been thrust.

The Covid vaccines, on the other hand, are a completely different matter. I am appalled, shaken, and crushed by this monstrous crime that the globalists and states have perpetrated on the world. It is an unprecedented, horrific attack on our species and, because it concentrated in the U.S. and Europe, on the best part of humanity.

Many people who are vaxxed are already dead, still more will die from the poison in the future. It is unclear whether the vaxxed are even human, given the corruption of their DNA. The fate of their children is a further worry. This is Warcraft III level undead plague and demonic invasion. Philosophical reasoning, truth cannot save the vaxxed. I can fight John Rawls, I cannot fight turbo cancers.

My faith in God is not shaken, but my hope for eventual uninterrupted economic progress in which we not only turn earth into paradise but even, as Musk aspires, colonize Mars, certainly is. The vaxx is one of the worst things that has ever happened to the world, and it is extremely sad.

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