The funniest thing about Ocasio-Cortez’s “plan” for her “economic mobilization” is that she sells it as

a historic opportunity —

to virtually eliminate poverty in the United States and

to make prosperity, wealth and economic security available to everyone participating in the transformation.

Apparently, no sacrifices for the sake of stopping the climate change will be required at all!

It’s a win-win: for us and for the planet. Saving the planet from imminent destruction from climate change will mysteriously bring about unprecedented prosperity for humans, as well.

Far from needing to endure privation for the sake of the greater good, we will enjoy an elimination of poverty and still further a mighty economy for the benefit of all.

This suggests that Ocasio-Cortez truly believes that socialism is the path to prosperity and that socialism is her end goal; with her environmentalism being just a ploy to get the masses behind her miserable vision.

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