Caitlin Johnstone wonders why the mainstream media have not covered the US war in Yemen. She argues that it can’t be about Trump:

I mean, the aforementioned year in which MSNBC didn’t cover Yemen took place entirely during this administration, and every American with cable TV knows that MSNBC markets itself as the anti-Trump network.

If they’d wanted to use Yemen as another angle from which to criticize this administration they would have done so, instead of not doing so at all.

The entirety of mainstream media have been grossly neglecting this issue up until the last week despite having every opportunity to condemn Trump for it.

But there is an obvious answer. The mainstream “journalists” have never seen a war they did not like. Therefore, if they had covered the war in Yemen, then by their own imperialist ideology, they’d have had to praise Trump for it.

They’d have to gush that Trump is being “presidential,” that he is “making tough decisions,” that he is “fighting evil,” that the entire country ought to rally behind “our commander-in-chief,” and suchlike outrageous nonsense.

Their hatred of Trump exceeds even their love for America’s wars.

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