Summa Against the KeynesiansFully rewritten, it’s the latest word in big bada boom economics.

General Theory is a collection of fantasies of an egotistical, decadent, and corrupt aristocrat. Keynes dressed up ancient fallacies and discredited ideas in new clothes, or lack thereof, in order to claim to revolutionize economics. But a revolution need not be progressive, it can, like the Keynesian sort, be reactionary.

I refute all this sophistry and defend laissez-faire capitalism against the charge that the free economy, the natural order, is unstable and requires continuous government intervention.

The magicians, Keynesians macroeconomists, worship the demoness, the great whore who suckles them, and they weave lies in order to prop her up. But their doom is nigh. Their idol shall fall, and the people shall be free from her oppression.

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